Monday, November 13, 2017

Flexible change for Verte by FutureBrand

Verte is a corporate travel agency in São Paolo. It was known as Traveland until last month, when it adopted a new name and identity, developed by FutureBrand.

The rebrand is focusing on the values Verte provides for its costumers, the tailor-made solutions and the expertise within the company. The new name is Portuguese for "change" and the logo features a flexible linking of the E and R that can be expanded and contracted.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bleed rebrands Norway's Sbanken

The Norwegian bank Skandiabanken used to be a part of the Swedish bank of the same name until a few years ago, when it was spun off. As part of the transaction, the Norwegian bank had to eventually change its name, which it did yesterday by shortening it to Sbanken. The new identity was developed by Oslo-based Bleed.

Skandiabanken had mainly been an Internet bank since its beginning, an the new identity maintains the simplicity associated with Internet banking. It revolves around a sphere or circle representing what is important – the customer and what the costumer cares for.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Trollbäck creates cross-platform look for NFL GameDay show

NFL GameDay is the flagship show of the NFL Network, providing more than 15 hours worth of highlights and analysis every Sunday. It recently launched a new look with new graphics by Trollbäck+Company.

The new look is part of a complete review to create a holistic brand experience. The graphics are designed by be flexible and adaptable as the show's content changes rapidly to accommodate new audiences and new ways of viewing. Overall, the look has less of a three-dimensional "TV" style and more of the flat and clean style that works better across platforms. The motion graphics feature colours and logos from the different teams that have been cropped to create bold and interesting juxtapositions.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Logo round-up: September 2017

Other commitments have meant less time for this blog, but here at least is the logo round-up for September 2017. This is probably one of the busier months, and this year was not exception, although there isn't really a single project that stands out as a revolutionary change for a major client.

Monday, October 9, 2017

DONG Energy becomes Ørsted with help from Kontrapunkt

DONG Energy is Denmark's largest energy company. Last week it announced its intention to change its name to Ørsted. The new visual identity was developed by Kontrapunkt in collaboration with DONG's internal team.

DONG was originally an abbreviation of "Danish Oil and Natural Gas", and was seen having a coal-based heritage not appropriate for a modern "green" energy company. The new name comes from Hans Christian Ørsted, the discoverer of electromagnetism.

The identity programme and its logo are heavily rooted in Danish functionalist design from the 1930s. The second major influence is life, with a focus on natural forms. These influences are particularly evident in the custom type family, Ørsted Sans. The focus on wind energy is manifested by swirling graphic illustrations, and the varied color palette is inspired by Scandinavian nature and architecture.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Lippincott creates ambitious brand for BAC Credomatic

BAC Credomatic is a leading financial institution in Central America, head-quartered in Puerto Rico and operating in several countries. Back on July 20, the company launched a new corporate identity, created by a team at Lippincott lead by Rodney Abbot. At the time we didn't have firm sources crediting Lippincott, but the agency recently revealed a full case study for this project.

The BAC Credomatic brand is a fusion of the retail bank brand BAC and the credit card brand Credomatic. The combination had been somewhat inconsistent in the past and Lippincott was brought in to solidify it and position the brand for the region's younger and upwardly mobile generations. From now on, the BAC Credomatic will always be used in full.

The bank is also more visually consistent, with the name always appearing stacked, allowing the redesigned iconic lion to "stand tall". It also uses a more contemporary style to portray BAC Credomatic as a simple and efficient solution for ambitious and striving people in the region.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SomeOne brands honest estate agent Yopa

Yopa is an online estate agent in the UK that aims to redefine "the entire home selling experience". It has a business model with more flat fees and less of the traditional commission that estate agents typically charge. This month, it introduced new visual identity, created by London-based SomeOne.

SomeOne set out to give Yopa a consumer-centric brand and achieved this by speaking "with an honest personality, sprinkled with wit and warmth throughout". The technological aspects take a backseat to focus on the agents that are still behind the brand.